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Twelve Audio Books to Add to Your Library

I spent a lot of time in the car this year. And I am gearing up for another big road trip. For this book geek, car time = audio book time. Nothing keeps me awake and gives my driving buddy and I more to talk about than listening to a great book while we burn up the miles. Choosing an…

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Workout Shorts with a Phone Pocket

I love Athleta clothes. But I don’t always want to pay that much money, especially for something I’m going to wear for maybe an hour. But if I go for a hike, or the morning dog walk, I want a pocket for my phone. These shorts deliver on all fronts: Price, comfort, pocket. Amazon, $19. 

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Echo Auto Available for Pre-Order

I have been pestering Amazon for an Echo that works in the car for years. Every time I go on a road trip, I am barely an hour into the trip before I start asking Alexa questions and cursing her refusal to travel.     Well, they finally listened to me! This is so gratifying. The Echo Auto is available…

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A New Paperwhite!

The Paperwhite is my Kindle of choice. The screen is the easiest to read, designed to have the same contrast as paper and no glare so you can read in any light. Unlike paper, you can read it in low light because it has it’s own light. I read. A lot. Books are still my favorite technology for this. But…

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Five Must-Have Tools for a Comfy Home Office

  I spend a lot of time in front of my computer. I have RSI. So I’ve tried every kind of solution, from standing desks to crazy keyboards, to unconventional solutions like working from an armchair. I have found, though, that the best thing is a well-designed work space and a few good habits. I get up frequently. I walk…

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Self-employment: Is that where the teen workforce went?

I’m self-employed. Have been since my teenage daughter was a baby. I blame her for pushing me out of the nine-to-five. But I also thank her for it. Working for myself is amazing. I will never go back to a full-time, on site job. I have too many side interests, too much freedom, too much control. I am not alone, according…

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Big sale on Vice Report for Kindle!

I am doing a super-quick sale on the Kindle copy of Vice Report because life is spendy and most of us are on a budget. If you move sharpish, you can get this book into your library for a fraction of the cover price. The price is starting out low and going up every couple of days till it gets…

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Vice Report

Vice Report available on Kindle

Prefer your reading in a portable format? Like to download the sample of a new read before you spend any hard earned cash on it? Me too! I take no offense at this. My novel, Vice Report–a mystery set in the life of a woman trying to survive a destructive marriage and the crumbling of the Fourth Estate (where she…

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Vice Report

Announcement: My Novel is for Sale on Amazon!

I’m springing this on everyone all at once but–trust me–this has been a long time coming. My novel Vice Report is now on sale at Amazon. Please buy a copy so I can keep writing. It’s available in paper right now! The Kindle version will be available in the next few days. It is a noir mystery (with a dash…

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B(G)FF: Road Trip Editiion!

I’m back! I haven’t been writing much here at GeekGirlfriends lately. I took some time to focus on finishing a novel. It will be for sale in Amazon very soon! At which point, I will become a pest, constantly pressing people to buy a copy. Seriously. I plan to be like a broken record on that topic. Meanwhile, it’s road…

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