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How to Save Gas Money from the Geeks at GasBuddy

I have recently become startlingly aware of the price of gas. Back in July, I pulled a Beverly Hillbillies maneuver and packed my two kids, husband, and sixty pounds of canine anxiety into a big SUV and moved from North Carolina to California. (You can read more about that adventure here.) GM loaned me a Buick Enclave for that journey as…

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Men, Explained. (Women too.)

Taschen (the publisher) sent me a great little book — Yang Liu. Man meets Woman– yesterday. With few words, and only simple, graphic images, it does a tidy job of explaining some of the differences — cultural and psychological — between the sexes. I won’t throw a lot of words at explaining a book that forgoes words almost entirely. (Missing the point, don’t…

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sal khan

You Can Learn Anything

  I got a great email from Sal Khan this morning. I’m a big fan of the Khan Academy (of which he is the founder (that’s a link to how he got started; a story he tells well.) It has saved my kids in school — and made up for failures in their schools —  more times than I count. I tap…

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Roofie drugs, Justin Bieber, and my search for a new car

I’ve had a bit of a wild, vehicular summer. First, I moved from North Carolina to California, driving all the way across country with my husband, two quarrelsome teenagers and one strange, OCD dog in a loaner Buick Enclave. And since I’ve been here, I’ve driven an assortment of new vehicles. So, after living for years in a town where…

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twenty dollar bill

Don’t Get Ripped Off While Getting Ripped Off

Today should be called, National Tax Procrastinators Day. It should be a day off. There should be a huge barbecue party at midnight. We should acknowledge that denial is a healthy way to cope with having to do accounting – instead of actual work for those of us who aren’t accountants — under the threat of fiscal punishment from our…

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car wash

Don’t take your office to the car wash

Here is another goofy field test videos from the folks at Toshiba. Matt & Jamie create a cheesy office in a coin-op car wash and have a blast with high-speed water, a laptop, and some office supplies. There are casualties. But that’s my idea of a fun day at work.

photo taken with a DSLR camera and sent to my smart phone with the Eye-Fi Mobi

The Shopping Mall of the Future

This post, and a portion of my trip to the Consumer Electronics show, was sponsored by Eye-Fi, the makers of an awesome memory card that transforms the camera you love – like that DSLR you will never part with – into a connected machine so you u can post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or wherever you live in the cloud….

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blendec elf

What I’d Like to Do with that Elf on the Shelf

This Elf on the Shelf thing — where you move an elf doll around the house so it can better spy on the kids — is one trend I’m glad I can take a pass on. I put a lot of effort into convincing my kids that Santa possesses the surveillance capabilities of a covert government agency. (Electronic surveillance, face-recognition…

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hour of code

Why Don’t Schools Teach Coding?

When my son was 10, he started downloading Java script code to teach himself how to write and mod it. This was adorable. But being his mother, I thought I could help him find an easier way. I tried to find someone in his school who could help him with this and was met with blank looks and even anger….

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Gabe Zichermann

Charming Gamification Guy

I was just watching this Ted Talk by the charming Gabe Zichermann on the potential for learning in video games. Worried about your kids playing video games? Watch it. But I would just like to insert a moment of whining. I have been asking video game designers for years why they don’t embed some math, philosophy, history, coding, or science…

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