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Vice Report

Vice Report available on Kindle

Prefer your reading in a portable format? Like to download the sample of a new read before you spend any hard earned cash on it? Me too! I take no offense at this. My novel, Vice Report–a mystery set in the life of a woman trying to survive a destructive marriage and the crumbling of the Fourth Estate (where she…

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Vice Report

Announcement: My Novel is for Sale on Amazon!

I’m springing this on everyone all at once but–trust me–this has been a long time coming. My novel Vice Report is now on sale at Amazon. Please buy a copy so I can keep writing. It’s available in paper right now! The Kindle version will be available in the next few days. It is a noir mystery (with a dash…

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B(G)FF: Road Trip Editiion!

I’m back! I haven’t been writing much here at GeekGirlfriends lately. I took some time to focus on finishing a novel. It will be for sale in Amazon very soon! At which point, I will become a pest, constantly pressing people to buy a copy. Seriously. I plan to be like a broken record on that topic. Meanwhile, it’s road…

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code games

Get that Kid a Game that Teaches Coding!

  I’m the game geek here at Geek Girlfriends.  Teaching kids coding through games is all the rage this year and the //CODE Programming Game Series by the folks at Thinkfun are designed to do exactly that. I was skeptical that a game with such a goal, could be fun. But, if it’s a game, I’ll play it. Once. Rush Hour…

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Want 15% off on Moo Business cards?

      I love Moo! It’s the best — and easiest — place to get your branding down on paper. Mini cards, cotton paper, square, a different photo on every card? Whatever you need. This is the way to love the cards you carry. I got you a discount. Just follow this link to Moo and your discount will…

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peacechaos bag

I’ve tried a lot of laptop bags. This one is the best.

I am a bag addict. I have bags for every normal purpose. And some that have no real purpose. I buy them. I shop for them. I consider them a hobby. And it is only because of this obsession that I happened by accident upon what I think might be the perfect laptop bag. It stands up when I set…

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Are you living in Zombieland? Here’s how to tell.

In horror movies, the invading threat is usually a monster, human turned evil, or something undead. But, chances are pretty good that — just like the oblivious protagonist in every scary movie – you are living in the midst of horror scenario right now and don’t know it. You – or more accurately your Internet of Things devices in your…

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2 - Richard Carey - Sea Turtle

Six Tricks for Taking Great Underwater Photos with a Cheap Camera

I am a SCUBA diver. Whenever I can find the time and the money, I get under water. There is nothing like it. Most of the time, I go under water just to enjoy it.  But like any tourist with the good luck and technical savvy to visit another planet, I like to bring back a few photos to share…

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scotevest trench

Geek Attire with Awesome Pockets: Deal!

This cute trench coat has 18 pockets Pockets. Why are women’s clothes so lacking in them? Women have more gear to carry than men, generally speaking. Yet our clothes are shamefully pocket-less. Laura and Scott Jordan, founders of SCOTTeVEST, get this. Everything they make is loaded with enough pockets to make your purse obsolete. They are having a massive Mom’s…

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Screenshot (15)

Why Aren’t We Going to Space?

I grew up on Star Trek. My Dad was a NASA engineer. This is why I am fascinated by technology. What happened to us? Why did we stop going to space? I am looking forward to this movie, which seems to attempt an answer.