A Huge Number of Kindle Books Are on Sale Today

More than 700 Kindle books are on sale. Many of them are 80% off!

Kindle books are on sale
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I have been looking forward to the weekend because I have a new Kindle Scribe (LOVE!) and all I want to do is read, read, read, mark up my work in progress, read some more, and then read. I already have a to-be-read pile that requires significant management. But I could not resist this Amazon deal: Over 700 Kindle books are on sale.

I was able to load my Scribe with enough reading to keep me turning pages all weekend and for many weekends in the future for the price of lunch.

When it comes to reading, I am very much a believer in “to each their own.”

I will read everything from mysteries to thrillers to romance to historical fiction to non-fiction in a wide range of subjects to Literature.

But you know what you like better than I do. So wade in and find something you like!

If you want a couple of recommendations, though:

The Survivors

If you love to be transported to a distant location and get a feel for the place while getting to know some of its people, this thriller from Jane Harper takes you to a small Tasmanian island where people have died and a small community is reeling. Terrifying caves, people who are not what they seem, and some very likable — if damaged — characters will keep the pages turning all night.

Snow Blind

I am a fan of Nordic Noir and have had this series from Icelandic writer Ragnar J√≥nasson on my wish list for ages. (I have dreams of moving to Iceland!) I bought it because it was just $2.99 but haven’t read it yet.

It’s packaged as a thriller but, as if often true in this genre, it’s the moody, atmospheric, and character-driven brand of thriller that comes from the frozen north.

The reviews are mixed. This form of noir is not everyone’s bag. But if you liked Rebecka Martinsson, Wallander, or The Killing, you will like this style of thriller. This is book one of a six-book series, which is always nice.

The Queen’s Gambit

The Netflix series was so good. It’s about a woman navigating a man’s world and dominating it, in a game of strategy. Okay, I’m already in. But it’s also on Kindle Unlimited! (And on sale.) No brainer! It’s on my Kindle.

A Foreign Country

If you like a good British spy novel as much as I do, you are in for a treat. Charles Cumming is a modern John Le Carre and this novel is beautifully written, a page-turner, and loaded with interesting spy vs. spy history you will be trotting out at parties for years.

I have read everything Cumming has written and wait eagerly for every new book. I am not alone in this. So this $3.99 sale is a rare opportunity to jump into this three-book series for a song. (Though the box set is $26, an even better deal if you are willing to commit to all three.)

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