This Air Quality Monitor Is 21% Off

Bad air is in the news and in your lungs. Maybe it’s time for an air quality monitor. This one is on sale.

With the current state of the air on the East Coast prompting officials in some parts of the New York area to hand out N95 masks, maybe it’s time to keep an eye on the air in your own home with an air quality monitor.

This indoor air quality monitor from Amazon is on sale today for $55.

air quality monitor

It connects to Your Amazon Alexa so you can ask her what the air quality is. Or you can monitor what’s happening from an app on your phone.

It tracks particulate matter in the air, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide, humidity, and temperature.

Even if you never ask Alexa for the status of your air or look at the app on your phone, it pushes alerts to you on your phone or your Alexa devices so you know if something is up.

And, of course, for anyone who loves tasty data, having a history of the air quality in your home is cool. That data can also help you track health issues related to same or see if a remodel or construction or another event in your neighborhood has affected your indoor air quality.

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