6 Cute & Affordable Cardigans for Work that Make Any Outfit Zoom Ready

Got a meeting? Pull one of these cardigans for work over whatever you are wearing

cardigans for work
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When you are wearing a yoga outfit because you started your day with asanas but now you are one minute from a Zoom meeting, you need a good cardigan so you can make a quick, Superman-like change to business attire.

You want to look like you are taking this meeting seriously but being late is not an option. These outfit fixers work just as well for turning a summer dress into a cool-weather outfit. Keep one of these cardis handy so you can be ready in the time it takes Zoom to connect your video camera.

And if you ever do need to attend an in-person meeting or back to the office, you will be glad you invested in a collection of soft, comfortable, and cute cardigans for work.

These open-front cardigans for work with cute details & a long length

cardigans for work

If your yoga top is reasonably presentable, this open-front lightweight sweater ($33) will elevate it to meeting status without causing you to overheat. It’s light, has nice button detailing on the sleeves, and isn’t as long as it looks in the photo. It comes in 17 colors so you can have a few of these cardigans for work and no one will catch on.

This cozy sweater that looks like a blazer

When the camera sees you, it will look like you took time to dress into a winter blazer. But in your home office, you are wearing this comfy and cozy cardigan ($39) with pockets. Pair it with anything — leggings, a crew neck, a blouse — and you will look pulled together. You will also be warm as it has a small amount of wool.

cardigans for work

A button-front classic crewneck cardigan

cardigans for work

When the shirt you have on is emblazoned with a graphic or something else you want to hide, pull on this button-front crewneck cardigan ($21) and cover it right up with a workday classic.

It comes in 32 colors so there is sure to be something you like and it’s machine washable. Keep one of these cardigans for work folded in your desk drawer and you will be ready for anything.

Somewhere between a blazer and a sweater

This soft viscose and polyester vintage cardigan sweater ($50) is heading well into blazer territory while maintaining the unstructured comfort of a sweater, making it perfect for a meeting you want to take seriously without looking like you put on a suit. No one will ever know you are still wearing yoga duds. There are 12 colors and it has none of the loose and sloppy problems many cardigans struggle with.

cardigans for work

This pretty layer of warmth

Warm and cozy. Washable and cute. Wear it open or button it closed. And it has pockets!

This cable knit cardigan might be the perfect winter sweater. And it comes in so many colors, you can own several and wear them all without raising an eyebrow about your laundry habits.

Embrace the shacket trend

If your office is cold, pull on this cozy flannel-like shacket ($25) and cover your yoga top, embrace a trend, and warm up all at once. There are 14 color options and it’s currently on sale.

cardigans for work

A button-front cardigan with a long length & lovely fabric

Cute, slightly slouchy, and with buttons so you can cover that graphic tee you spilled coffee on at breakfast, this cardi ($31) comes in 26 colors, offers a short-sleeve version, and is so affordable you might want more than one. That soft viscose is currently my favorite fabric. It also washes well and isn’t too hot.

Go long & wear leggings

Pull this long, open-front cardigan ($24) over a comfortable pair of leggings or a stretchy skirt and you will look pulled together but nothing will stop you from going for a power walk at lunch or dropping to the floor for a quick sun salutation to break up your day.

It comes in 19 colors so you could make this a daily-wear uniform by stocking up and mixing and matching with leggings, jeans, and skirts.

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