The Top 7 Places to Buy Underwear Online

Why leave the house? Here are the best places to buy underwear & socks online

Where to buy underwear online


Sometimes you need stuff but can’t bear a trip to the mall. I think that describes every time I (or anyone in my family) needs socks and underwear. This is one of those shopping expeditions I prefer to do from the comfort of my desk chair. In fact, there is no reason not to do this task while in your underwear — and a crazy hat — while sipping a cocktail for courage. Here’s where to buy underwear online.

Terrific options on Amazon

Where to buy underwear online

One reason to shop at a dedicated store rather than the everything site that is Amazon is so you can browse. Amazon is great if you land on the right search term but it’s a challenge if you aren’t sure what you want. That said, it’s easy to create a mini Amazon shop and browse that.

The Bare Necessities

Where to buy underwear online

I find terrific underwear, bras, and even frilly girl stuff at They have everything from high-end European brands to functional, inexpensive everyday stuff. Some of the lingerie is nice. Returns are always easy so sometimes I just order stuff to try on and expand my horizons. My own home is a much better dressing room than anything at the mall. Free shipping if you spend $79.

Go to Her Room for lingerie

Where to buy underwear online has a great selection of lingerie, swimsuits, loungewear, and so much more. Much of it is often on sale. You will find everything from bras and panties to hosiery and just about everything else. Free shipping on orders over $70.

The boutiques on Etsy have everything that’s hard to find

Where to buy underwear online

I love the handmade and creative underwear, socks, and loungewear in the huge selection of underwear boutiques at Esty. You will find everything from everyday cottons to hard-to-locate high-waisted panties and cotton knickers to kinky stuff. Search for it. It’s there.

This is where I go when I dream of socks

Where to buy underwear online

When it comes to my own socks, I like unusual over-the-knee, thigh-high, cotton, retro, with toes, and lovely. And I get them all at Sock Dreams.

For trashy times, turn to Fredericks

Where to buy underwear online

Need to dress like a slut? Don’t want to be seen shopping for that sort of thing? There’s always Fredericks of Hollywood.

That classic undie stop: Vicky’s

Where to buy underwear online

If you fell for the ads for that super, architectural bra and the allure of the drop-dead-gorgeous models but don’t want to deal with the surly teen working at the store. For those moments, just hit

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