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  1. I know the drawing is random so let me say first off, I just totally love learning from your gadgets!
    Second, how I would use this ‘gadget’…
    I would be able to totally impress my kids w/ my own ‘geekness’!
    I would be able to save money and not have to upgrade to a flat screen TV; save money and get rid of cable TV; save space and get rid of dinosaur TV, dinosaur size monitor, photo scrap books, recipe books and a billion cables! (since I live in a camper on the back of my truck, this would be so awesome!)
    Well, here’s hoping to move into the tech age! and the best to you, Girl!

  2. We are about to launch a new line of cheap photobooks. When I say cheap, I mean in comparison to what others are charging. Our product will be perfect and satisfaction guaranteed. The market is aimed at college or high school kids and young parents or even grandparents on a fixed income.. An example is a 8×8 soft cover for $5.95 or a 16 page 5×5 soft cover for $2.99 or a simple smaller z fold for a mom ‘s purse. We will also offer cheap hardcover versions. In addition, we will be offering a scrapbook version, with scanning services.

    Now, for the advice. I spent many years professionally photographing horses. One of the toughest professional assignments because everything has to be perfect, or cropped to perfection. If a horse cocks an ear, the shot is likely ruined for advertising purposes. The reason I tell you this, is, don’t scan all your pictures. Say it is a first birthday, pick them up and say, “I like this one better than that one” keep comparing until you have enough to do your photobook or scrapbook. There is no sense scanning them all and or saving them all digitally because you make it very hard to make a book if you have hundreds of photos to go through and it becomes tedious to do anything with them. By all means, keep all you like and put them on a cd. Your computers’ ability to store photos is finite and your digital camera will allow you take hundreds at a time but do select and show your very best. No one wants to tell a friend, “That’s the 50th picture of that fountain and as much as I love your photos, I need to get back home before bed check.”

    You can store your photos for free on flickr and several other sites and share them with friens and family or the world. So many photos are shared under creative commons there that we use great amateur photos in our blog. If you get a chance, go to our blog and have a look.


    Good luck with your project.

  3. Hello…… big fan of the geek girlfriend. I have a question for you that I assume others have as well. Since I am older than the fully digital age of kids pics I am very jealous of my young friends who have all their kid photos on digital. Then they make these lovely, cute photo books for them. They don’t have two huge plastic tubs of photos. I suppose I have to scan each and then submit them to one of these on line photo storage places. Tell me there is an easier way and tell me how with a Mac. thanks. You are always helpful.

  4. Hi!!! I can not subscribe as I get an error 405. Tell me how I can Get it to work???

  5. Hello! I was trying to subscribe for emails but every time I clicked on the Subscribe button I got an HTTP Error 405, saying that the page could not be found.

    I hope this can be fixed, because I’d love to be able to receive your Newsletters.

    Thank you.

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