The Best Lap Desk for my New Laptop

I shopped for the best lap desk for my new laptop. Here’s what I found.

best lap desk for laptop

I got a new laptop for working from the couch. So I went on the hunt for the best lap desk I could find.

I bought myself a sweet, shiny (low-end) Microsoft Surface ($315) for writing when I’m not in my office. So like any normal girl geek, I’m thinking in terms of accessories. Since this machine is for working when I’m not at my desk — with my two monitors and ergonomic rig — I want the absolute best lap desk to go with it.

When I’m not in my office, I work from a variety of places: A big leather armchair in my living room, bed, in a comfy seat on an Amtrak train when I’m off galavanting, on airplanes, and from the kitchen table.

I want a lap desk for working from the bed or that armchair. I want a cushiony bottom to rest on my legs, something to stop my laptop from sliding off, and a place to put my phone. I use a pen with the Surface so I don’t care that much about the mouse. But I do want a place to set my pen down and the option to use a mouse would be nice.

Here are my top five picks:

The LapGear Home Office Lap Desk

Best lap desk

This Home Office Lap Desk ($40) meets all my requirements and is sized just right to fit between the big arms of my armchair. It also has a handle to make grabbing it and dragging it from the couch to the bed easy. Not only that but nearly 43,000 people give it five stars.

This is probably my favorite and it’s in my cart — though I’m having trouble deciding between the elegant wood grain finish and the edgy black carbon. There are seven colors to choose from.

The LapGear Designer 

best lap desk

This cute LapGear Designer ($30) is giving me total Grandma writing thank-you cards vibes but that elastic to hold items to a slanted surface and the cute fabric-covered microbead cushion are both pretty tempting.

This one is a bit smaller at just under 18 inches wide so it might be even more comfortable in my armchair. (My Surface is pretty small.) There are nine fabric patterns to choose from and Grandma would like them all.

HUANUO Adjustable Lap Desk

best lap desk

Not gonna lie. This adjustable lap desk (27) is pretty clever. Getting the screen angle right on a laptop is a challenge on even the best lap desk and is super important to working comfortably.

This one has eight tilt positions to make that easier. And that flexibility would work well in lots of situations: lying on the couch or in bed, working from a car or train, or setting it on a table. It lacks a place to put my phone or a mouse, though.

dreamlify Lap Desk with Adjustable Height & Angle

best lap desk

This is an entirely different take on the lap desk ($22) and it’s a bit tempting. Instead of sitting it on my lap, it makes a little table over my lap. I imagine this would be a bit of a challenge to get in and out of — especially once I get a beverage and all my kit laid out — but, once there, would be comfortable and productive.

The laptop surface goes from flat to five adjustable angles so it would be easy to get the screen angled right. And there is a flat surface for a mouse, coffee, or to set my pen on. The height adjusts, too. It goes from 9.25 inches up to 14 inches high so it would work in bed, on my chair, or even on the floor. There is even a little drawer to stash accessories in.

Nuovoo Lap Desk

best lap desk

The great thing about the Microsoft Surface is that the keyboard breaks away, leaving me with just a tablet and pen to work from.

This little lap desk ($25) — with the tablet slot at the top — would work quite well with that. I could separate the keyboard and screen and have a surface to type on. There is also a phone slot at the side and this baby is only 17 inches wide and just under 13 inches deep so it would be easy to use and get out from under. It would be easy to store, too.

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  1. I have the old style lap desk in green. It’s perfect. I had a bigger one with a detachable cushion and a hard wood top, but it wound up being too wide to sit in chairs that had arms. That new one is about the same size as my laptop, which allows me to sit in any chair inside or outside (including the patio loungers). It’s also thick enough to keep my lap from getting hot.

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