The Kindle Paperwhite Is $40 Off

Get 29 percent off when you buy my favorite Kindle: The Paperwhite. That’s $40 Off!

I love the screen on this Kindle Paperwhite. The near paperlike quality of the e-ink screen feels — to my eyes — like reading paper. But the light weight of the actual device is so much easier on my hands and arms. I can’t read a hardback book in bed without getting numb hands but this Kindle is no problem. I can’t read a paper book with the lights off but this Kindle is also no problem — since it has a backlight. And anyone with vision problems will tell you that being able to bump up the font size makes reading accessible, even when the print in paper books is too small. It’s also waterproof so you can read in the bath.

It’s on sale right now for $99.99 with three months of free Kindle Unlimited. That is $40 off the list price of $140. Get one!

Update: Sadly, this deal has ended. Have you seen the new, writeable Kindle Scribe? Use the code 25SCRIBE to get a $25 ebook credit if you buy one of those.

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