A Complete (and Awesome) WFH Wardrobe for $100

Here are five essential wardrobe pieces that will make getting dressed every day super simple

Have you heard of Elizabeth Holmes? And what do you think? Brilliant and thwarted? Insane? A thief?

One thing I can’t help agreeing with her about is her approach to wardrobe. Pick an outfit, fill your closet with it, and stop wasting time worrying about what to wear.

I’m sure she cleared her closet out for the documentary people and that, like all of us, she has items that are not part of her famous uniform. But I watched the documentary about her and decided I wanted a uniform, for days when I just couldn’t be bothered to have a fashion crisis.

So I went shopping and I bought duplicates of the items I miss when they’re in the laundry.

I’m not scamming the tech world out of billions. I live on a normal income. So my staple pieces are all super affordable.

These affordable and comfortable leggings

A great pair of comfy, flattering leggings (no pockets) for $20? (Often much lower.) This is a basic you need in triplicate. I have so many that I can reach for a pair every day of the week without ever experiencing an “I have nothing to wear” moment.

This ultra-flattering top

This terrific bateau-neck tank can go from a workout to a dinner date, which is, I think the definition, of the perfect garment. No more, “I have to change.” Just go. The neckline and cut are super flattering, they are about $10 each, and they are wash-and-wear. Wear it alone or under a jacket or sweater, with leggings or a skirt. You are good to go anywhere.

These pants that wear like pajamas

If these past two years have taught us anything, it’s that wearing pants that don’t move right along with us — and stretch to fit perfectly — simply isn’t worth it. Nothing will get us out of our yoga pants after this. But this pair of buttery soft, flattering, yoga pants look like a pair of dress pants. (Or, in a different pattern, like 70s BOHO hippy pants.) You will never take them off, at least not to wear a less comfortable pair of pants.


This elegant and comfy dress

Get up. Throw on a dress. Ready. And this dress looks awesome like you are starring in a French film involving a dashing soldier, tragedy, and romance. Also? It’s $30.

A comfortable & elevated sweatshirt that’s ready for meetings

Casual attire has become the workday norm for Zoom meetings and this hooded pullover delivers for that. It’s super soft and comfortable, flattering, and available in lots of colors. It’s the sweatshirt you will wear every day because it’s comfortable and glad you have on when the cameras come on because it looks great.

I only review products I have tried or own and like enough to recommend to a friend that I also like. If you buy something from one of my links, I might make a little money.