A Complete Work Wardrobe for $100?

Here Are Three Essential Wardrobe Pieces that Will Make Getting Dressed Every Day Super Simple


Have you heard of Elizabeth Holmes? And what do you think? Brilliant and thwarted? Insane? A thief?

One thing I can’t help agreeing with her about is her approach to wardrobe. Pick an outfit, fill your closet with it, and stop wasting time worrying about what to wear.

I’m sure she cleared her closet out for the documentary people and that, like all of us, she has items that were not part of her famous uniform. But I watched the documentary about her and decided I didn’t want to have to fuss to get dressed anymore either.

So I went shopping and I bought duplicates of the items I miss when they are in the laundry. I don’t wear a uniform. Not quite. But I have dupes of three or four outfits. And some of those rely on the same staple pieces.

I’m not scamming the tech world out of billions, though. I live on a normal income. So my staple pieces are all super affordable.

Here are three you should add to your wardrobe right now.

Daily Ritual Women’s High Waist Stretch Legging

A great pair of comfy, flattering leggings (no pockets) for $18? This is a basic you can have several of. I have so many that I can reach for a pair every day of the week without ever experiencing an “I have nothing to wear” moment. The fabrics are not all identical though. I find the two “space died” colors more comfortable than the others.

Amazon Essentials Women’s Swing Tank

A great, washable top that covers your butt and comes in tons of colors for $13. I think that’s the description of ‘essential’ right there. Wear it alone or under a jacket or sweater, with leggings or a skirt, and you are good to go anywhere.

Daily Ritual Women’s Terry Cotton and Modal Pencil Skirt

It’s hard to find a pencil skirt that’s the right mix of comfortable, washable, and not too formal. Here you go! I did all the work. I tried on a dozen skirts to get here. Just don’t size up.