Three Jackets That Make Your Stay-at-Home Lounge Wear Meeting Ready

Keep one of these jackets on hand for surprise meetings

The beauty of working at home is that you can wear what you like. But that beauty can turn ugly when you jump out of bed, throw on some comfy clothes, and get to work only to realize — three hours later — that you are due at a meeting — or in a video call — and you are still in your pajamas. There is no time for a fashion crisis. You have to throw on a jacket and fly.

Here are three affordable jackets that can turn your loungewear into a meeting-ready ensemble. Hang one on the back of your desk chair and be ready.  (That’s why stocking up on work-at-home wear that is not flannel pajamas with Rick and Morty on them is a good idea.)


Daily Ritual Military Cargo Jacket

You could throw this Daily Ritual Women’s Military Cargo jacket on over a pair of leggings and be ready for most casual meetings. It won’t keep you warm. But sometimes the last thing you want from a jacket is warmth. You just want to cover up your tank top, have a few pockets, and make your jeans more presentable. Some colors and sizes in this jacket are currently less than $10. Grab one!


Lark & Ro Women’s Long Sleeve Knit Jacquard Blazer

Throw this knit blazer on on top of a tee and leggings and you will be instantly ready for any kind of meeting. Even if your jeans are frayed and your top is nothing more than a camisole. You can be ready a few minutes after your calendar reminder goes off. Some sizes in this jacket are currently less than $15.

A sweater that’s almost a jacket and is super comfortable

When you want to pull something on over your tee shirt or tank and show up for a Zoom meeting looking classy and business-like, this cardigan that could double as a jacket gives exactly the right professional, work-from-home casual look. It comes in 18 colors, has beautiful button details on the sleeve to emphasize your hand gestures, and is long enough to wear with leggings.

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