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Leggings with Pockets

Women need pockets as much as the next guy. Even when we are wearing leggings.

I work at home. So I wear leggings. They’re comfortable. I can get up and do some Yoga whenever I want to in them. And I look presentable when my only-ever daytime visitor — the UPS guy — rings the bell. Even when I’m in a video conference, I’m probably wearing leggings. I think it’s the uniform of the self-employed everywhere, isn’t it?

So why don’t they have pockets? Everyone has a cell phone. Everyone needs to put it in a pocket. I have been on a quest for years for good leggings with pockets. This is not a feature that should cost an extra $50. (Athleta, you know I’m talking to you.)

To save you from procrastinating by heading into the pocket-seeking rabbit hole, I’m sharing my favorite cell-phone-pocketed leggings. The Urban High-Waisted Leggings – C9 Champion ($40). They look great on, are comfortable, and can take you from a sporty walk along the river into a nice restaurant — a thing I do often in them.

They are available only at Target and they seem — from the picked-over inventory at my local Target — popular. Just order them online. They don’t run big.  Size up.