Taking Alexa on the Road

Reserve your own Echo Auto so you can take your favorite AI with you everywhere.

“Alexa! Tell me joke! Play my audio book! Sing to me!”

These are things I imagine shouting at my AI as I fly down the freeway, bored, on a long car drive. The day my virtual housemate can come on the road with me is quickly approaching because I ordered my Echo Auto and am now just waiting for her to show up, get her keys and purse, and get in the car.

Your AI get in line to take Alexa on the road with you, too. The Echo Auto is not yet available for sale. It is available for a preorder situation, though, that Amazon is calling “Invitations.” This is, according to Amazon, a limited time offer. I doubt the Echo Auto will be limited. But that $25 price tag will be. So if you want Alexa to ride shot gun, get in there and reserve yours.