5 Battery Backups So Cute You’ll Want to Carry Them Everywhere

Your phone needs power and these 5 battery backups deliver it with all the style

battery backup

Dropping a backup battery in your bag as you head out the door has become a necessary act now that everything from tickets to work to directions are all on our phones. I am a fan of accessorizing and power has become the ultimate accessory. Here are five battery backups that power your phone — even if you are having a day — with style.

This slender pack of power with a cute pawprint indicator light

battery backup

Slip this minimalist power pack ($18) into a pocket in your purse or jacket and you will have the emergency power you need when your phone starts to wane. It has two USB ports, a built-in flashlight, and will charge an iPhone almost four times. It comes with a USB cable to charge it and a travel pouch. What you will love about it, though, is that cute paw indicator that starts to lose toe prints as the power depletes. It comes in four colors.

A colorful MagSafe charger that sticks to your iPhone

battery backup

When you want to keep using your phone as it charges, having it cling effortlessly to your phone is an excellent feature. And that is exactly what the MagLock wireless battery backup ($50) does. It taps the MagSafe feature of your iPhone 12 to stick a wireless-charging battery to the back of your phone. Slick. It’s pretty, too, in five colors.

This decorative charger if you like things that are cute as the dickens

battery backup

If you like to look at pretty things as you go about your day, this adorable, floral charger ($24) — it also comes with strawberries or a cute dinosaur — will dress up your accessory clutch while powering your phone in an emergency. Sure, it’s meant for little girls but you can get it for the little girl within. It’s small, charges a phone three or four times, and has two USB ports because, as all women know, being cute does not preclude knowing what you are doing.

This battery will still work in the apocalypse

battery backup

I’m not a prepper but these aren’t normal times. This solar power bank ($24)  is in my kit and I’m glad it is. (I live in hurricane country.)  If the power goes out, it can charge up using only the power of the sun. It also has a powerful flashlight to get me through dark times. When there is power, you can plug it in, of course. The carabiner clips it to your pack and it even has a built-in compass, if you know how to use one of those.

This 3-pack of lighter-sized chargers

battery backup

These three colorful chargers ($26) aren’t much bigger than a lipstick or lighter so they are easy to keep on hand for those times when you just need a little more power to get home because, when everything is on your phone, losing power can leave you stranded. Keep one in your purse and pull it out when your phone is about to die at an inconvenient time.

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