A Hoodie with Plenty of Pockets


I work at home. So I wear a lot of leggings and cute T-shirts to work. The problem with this comfy work uniform? No pockets. So I choose my warm layer for it’s ability to carry my phone, keys, and Bluetooth headset. SCOTTeVEST sent me the Chloe Hoodie to try months ago. I was skeptical, at first, that I would wear it much. But since the weather has turned cold, I live in the thing. And I always have my phone within reach. I can run out of the house without any kind of bag and have everything I need right at hand. I even went to a small wallet to make this all work effortlessly.

SCOTTeVEST Chloe Hoodie

It has so many pockets, it might be overkill. I will never fill them all. But I do like being able to carry everything I need. I leave a pair of headphones threaded into it so I always have tunes. And the thumb holes are cute and keep my hands warm.

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