Deal! Put the Fun Back in Their Pants!


Buying gifts for people you won’t see over the holidays is a bit thankless. You go through the usual amount of gift-selection angst. Then you have to wrap and ship the thing. But you never get to see your recipient open it or get the laugh and hug that comes with.

That’s why I like sending a last-minute gift card, especially for a monthly prescription service. Maybe you don’t get to see their appreciation during the Xmas-day fray. But, later, when the gift boxes are recycled and it’s back to life as usual, your gift hits the to-do list. After all that shopping for others, your recipient is buying for yours truly. So you get a phone call of thanks. If that gift then proceeds to show up every month? You slowly secure your place as gifting genius. If that gift makes getting dressed (or, even better, undressed) more fun? You are a star, a master, a Jedi of giving. If they are reminded of your mastery every time they pee? How can anyone touch you?

Thus: Meundies.

Everyone wears underwear. Everyone hates to buy it. (Especially men.) This is underwear you can love that shows up regular, all year long. Give a digital gift card so your recipient gets the size right. Do it at the very last minute if you like. How many problems did you just solve? Many. But the main one: You put the fun back in their pants.

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