I’m Being Pelted with Deals!


I am getting pelted with Black Friday Holiday deals from all quarters. I can’t keep up with them all. I can’t write posts that explain why you want this stuff. I’m just gonna share them so you know about them. Okay?

Microsoft Surface & Xbox

microsoft surface

Microsoft store is having a huge super sale. You can save as much as $400 on a high-end Surface Book. Check it out. Other deals include this awesome one on the Xbox One S: Save $50 on every new Xbox One S bundle purchase through Dec. 24 and that Xbox One S purchase will come with a $30 gift card from participating retailers, including Microsoft Store, Amazon, and Target.


Echo Dot

Alexa (the AI inside the Amazon Echo) is amazing. She has transformed my household into an organized, communicating, fun-having machine. She answers goofy questions at parties, reads us the news, remembers if the dog has been fed, and lets everyone add to the shopping list by speaking out loud. Amazing. Must have. The Echo Dot is the cute little one. Get one for every room. Because right now it is only $39


Norton Security

You need virus protection on your computer. Don’t surf without protection. I don’t have time to go into the horrors that will overcome if you don’t. Just trust me, okay? Do it.

Here are some deals from Norton’s security products:

$50 Off Norton Security Premium with code NSBUUS50OFF. MSRP $89.99

Save up to 55% on Norton Security Suite products.

$90 off Norton Security Deluxe 2 year Subscription. MSRP $159.99.



Get 25 percent off at MeUndies when you spend $150 or subscribe to pair of underwear. I can’t recommend this plan enough, especially as a gift for someone you like to see in their underwear. The undies are comfy, cute, and (if you get the Adventurous subscription) super fun. Go here to get an extra discount from me.


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