The Best Squirt Gun for Training Kittens

When kitty jumps on the table, this is the best squirt gun for stopping that


The best squirt gun for training kittens

Being a cat person, I have discovered a great upside to living with a family that includes a teenage girl: She brings home kittens.

Not all the time, thankfully. Once is enough. But the new family kitten (above) is fun to have around. Unfortunately, he learned how to jump onto the table and kitchen counter, which means it’s time to train him. I have had many cats so I know how to stop a cat from jumping on counters. It requires an excellent, leak-proof squirt gun that’s dedicated to training the kitten.

A squirt gun won’t fix this on its own. Teaching the cat to stop jumping on things requires a squirt gun and a training strategy. But this little Nerf pistol is a great place to start. I will also share a reliable training trick, to go with it, that will make a cat behave without causing stress.

Associate the unpleasant squirt with a sound

What noise do you make to discourage a naughty kitten?


Something like a hiss, right? (It is a cat’s own warning noise so they pay attention to it.) Unfortunately, it’s not super effective on its own because they know you don’t have claws. In fact, it’s useless until the cat associates that sound with consequences. For example, a quick squirt of water, which is harmless but cats hate it. For that, you need a reliable tool. And a water bottle is not it. Those are inaccurate. A sidearm. That’s what you need.


The Nerf Super Soaker Zipfire Blaster is deadly accurate and never leaks.

Look out, naughty kitten, because Nerf is stocking the playground armory with an amazing line of Super Soaker pistols. Super Soakers made a name for themselves in the 90’s with their giant water cannons that changed summertime yard battles forever. Today’s lineup includes fantastic handheld pistols. The Nerf Super Soaker Zipfire Blaster fits in the palm of your hand, is durable, doesn’t drip or leak, delivers a deadly accurate burst to about 20 feet, and has a trigger response so fast you can shoot multiple squirts as fast as you can squeeze your finger. This makes them fun for yard games and the best squirt gun for training kittens ever.

These pistols are so affordable that you can order multiples and locate them all over the house so there is always a training squirt gun handy when kitty misbehaves. 

If Nerf invents a Super Soaker that gets the teenager to do her homework, we’ll order that, too. In the meantime, the Nerf Super Soaker Zipfire Blaster is outstanding for training kittens.

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