Voice Mail that Hangs Up On Your Ex

I first tried Youmail about a year ago when it was in beta and it has been in constant use on my phone use ever since. All it does is replace the voicemail that came with my cell phone. But it does it so well! I signed up, registered my phone, followed the instructions for resetting where my voice mail goes and I was good to go. Can your phone deliver a message to your ex (or your evil sister or stalker) and then hang up on him? Mine can. YouMail calls it Ditch Mail; I like to think of it as bitch mail since the people I want to hang up on tend to be female. (It’s a long story.)

You can also leave nice messages for people, though, if that’s more your way. The point is you can customize your outgoing message based on the caller’s phone number. This can be surprisingly useful. You can have a serious outgoing message for business calls and a silly one for your friends. Tell your sister you are out of town and your best girlfriend you are home and she should bring a bottle of wine–all in the same evening while you are in the shower.

You can also get your voice mail delivered via email (which is great if your phone is ringing in the other room and you are sitting at your computer and can’t be bothered to get up.) This also means you have a record of your calls and the phone numbers (collected by caller ID) already written down.

I love this service and will never go back to the awkward and cumbersome service that came with my cell phone plan.

Oh, did I mention that it’s free?

(and no longer in Beta) UncommonGoods

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  1. This is great. And works on ex boyfriends that just will not give it up as well.

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