Dresses for Work From Home That Are As Comfy As Loungewear and Cost Less than $50

You can do better than pajamas. These dresses are comfy but also perfect for meetings.

Once you have been working from home for a while, the thrill of wearing sweats and pajamas wears off. It never returns, in my experience. People come to the door. You want to walk to the store. And there are all those Zoom meetings. A comfortable work-from-home dress that looks like you got dressed for work is a must-have. These are three of my favorite staple dresses. And they are priced so you can own a dozen of them and let the laundry pile up for weeks.

This adorable tank dress


This tank dress ($17) from Amazon’s Daily Ritual line is more comfortable than any pajamas I’ve ever owned. But when you go out in it people say things like, “What’s the occasion?” (Just throw on a cute pendant.) I could sleep in this dress and own every color because, in addition to being flattering and super comfortable, it’s also super affordable. When the weather is cold, just throw on one of these cardigans or jackets.

This dress is sexy & ready to party but so comfortable


This sleeveless fit-and-flare dress from Lark & Roe will seriously elevate your WFH style and it will be your favorite uniform if you ever go back to the office. It’s a terrific, forgiving fabric with lots of movement and looks great under a cardigan. It comes in two patterns, both tempting. It’s $40 at the moment. Reviewers say to size up and that’s what I found, too. Great dress!

Give your day a tropical vibe


Cute, comfy, and perfect for your next tropical vacation — if those ever become a thing again. Meanwhile, you can bring a little tropical vibe to your video calls and trips to the UPS Store. This tropical shift dress from 28 Palms is super flattering and just $20. There are several tropical prints to choose from. Tell everyone in your remote meetings that you live in Hawaii. Why not?

An elegant dress that’s great at your desk and date-night ready


Elegant, just the right length so you can throw on boots, heels, or flats, and go to dinner in it, right from your desk. This ribbed sweater dress ($50) is body-hugging or flowing, depending on the size you order. Throw on a sweater and it’ll take you through winter. It’s available in 10 colors.

This flattering maxi dress

Getting dressed could not be easier than this $31 maxi dress. Pull it on. Get to work. You might want some underwear. The neckline is super flattering and lends well to lacy undergarments and jewelry. Pull on a cardi when it’s cold and you could live in this dress. It comes in 19 colors.

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