Top 10 Places to Get Socks and Underwear


Sometimes you need stuff but can’t bear a trip to the mall. I think that describes every time I (or anyone in my family) needs socks and underwear. This is one of those shopping expeditions I prefer to do from the comfort of my desk chair.

  1. I get almost all of my own underwear, bras, and even frilly girl stuff at They have everything from high-end European brands to functional, inexpensive everyday stuff. Some of the lingerie is nice. And you can pick up underwear for your man while you are here. Returns are always easy so sometimes I just order stuff to try on and expand my horizons. My own home is a much better dressing room than anything at the mall. Free shipping if you spend $100.
  2. has a great selection, too. Everything from bras and panties to hosiery and just about everything else. Free shipping on orders over $70.
  3. Need a swimsuit with your underwear? has an amazing selection of swimwear—including high-end lingerie brands like Freya–(all on sale right now) along with the bras, panties, and sexy stuff. Check out the summer sale. Everything is 70% off!
  4. Kids never tell you they are out of underwear. So I have had too many moments when my tweens announce they have none. Nothing. And no socks either. When that happens–and it’s a bad time to go shopping–I hit
  5. When it comes to my own socks, I like unusual—over the knee, thigh-high, cotton, retro, with toes, lovely—and I get them all at Sock Dreams.
  6. Need to dress like a slut? Don’t want to be seen shopping for that sort of thing? There’s always Fredericks of Hollywood.
  7. Want something slutty but not quite Frederick’s slutty? Check out the more female-friendly It’s sort of like going to your favorite, sexy aunt for advice on what to wear under that.
  8. If you fell for the ads for that super, architectural bra and the allure of the drop-dead-gorgeous models, you don’t have to deal with the surly teen at the store (or destroy another tree with that catalog). For those moment of weakness, just hit
  9. Looking for something really special? As in classy, sexy, expensive? Pampered Passions will set you up but it will set you back. (Though there are sales.)
  10. That last one still not rich enough for your blood? Well, then Mrs. Moneypenny. You should be shopping over at Nancy Meyer. It seems they do still make lingerie like you see in 40s films. A girl can dream, can’t she?



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