Why I Love Zappos

I ordered some shoes from Zappos.com for the kids on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday I got a call (and an email) from Zappos offering me profuse aplogies because one pair of shoes (the girl’s) was held up in the warehouse and would not ship for 72 hours but they would be overnighted and should arrive by Monday. Most vendors would think nothing of getting a product to the buyer in less than a week but the woman from Zappos was mortified and sent me a $25 gift certificate by way of apology. On Thursday both shoes arrived. No delay. In fact, that’s pretty darn fast! And I still got $25!

Unfortunately, one pair didn’t fit. (The boy’s.) So I went online printed out my free return label, and dropped the box on my front porch in case UPS happened by and picked them up. The very next day, the replacement shoes arrived. The UPS guy took the return away and left me the replacement.

How do they even do that?!

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