I’m a Mommy Blogger!

I have joined the ranks of the esteemed Mommy blogger set. I never thought of myself as a Mommy blogger before but a couple of people call me Mommy and I do blog. And it turns out that some sweet perks come with the title.

For one thing, I’ve been flown to San Diego to attend an intimate Mommy Blogger conference hosted by Sony’s digital imaging group. I get a hotel room all to myself and it is a good 3,000 miles from the sultry sounds of my children bickering and my husband snoring. Can it get better than that? Yes!

 The best part is that this event is largely a day and a half workshop with photographer Ma Ra Koh. How sweet is that?

I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. This is actually a hit, there will be a lengthy time-share pitch, or I will be brainwashed into only using (covering) Sony cameras in future. But so far, all is well. But let me know if you see any signs that I’m not myself.

6 thoughts on “I’m a Mommy Blogger!

  1. yes, but what about us daddy-bloggers? where are our spa days and swag bags?


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