Kill Your Television!

I am a fan of projectors. Mostly because I think TVs–even flat panel ones–are obnoxious, ugly, and take over the living room. I have not had a TV in my house in at least 5 years and I never intend to buy another. Projectors are polite and demure. They only display movies or TV when they are turned on. Hit the off switch and the 100-inch screen disappears and the device itself–a mere bread-boxed sized unit–sits inoffensively on a small table. I have been meaning post a book excerpt here about shopping for projectors and measuring a room to see if your living room will accommodate one–and I will–but this geeky guy Dan Tynan (okay, I admit it; he’s my husband) has a pretty good piece on them on our business site so, in the meanwhile, you might want to check that out.

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