You Can Learn Anything


I got a great email from Sal Khan this morning. I’m a big fan of the Khan Academy (of which he is the founder (that’s a link to how he got started; a story he tells well.) It has saved my kids in school — and made up for failures in their schools —  more times than I count. I tap it when I wish I knew something. (Or when I forget how to do the math.) But that man (Sal) is on a mission to make people smart. And that, to me, seems like the best way to save the world, stop the Apocalypse, and halt the idiocracy. I think he’s kind of a super hero, actually.

So check out this awesome video (above) about learning. Join the movement. Save the world. And next time you look in the mirror and think, “I really have to get to the gym.” Remember that your mind is sexy, too. Or, as Sal Khan put it, “Research now shows that your brain is like a muscle; the more you apply it and struggle, the more it grows. People who learn to recognize this fact about their own brain develop a growth mindset and are able to persevere and achieve more.”