Perpetual Wine Glass Makes a Great Gift

I like gifts that gets used every day so my recipient thinks of me often.

Months ago, Swig sent me a pair of very sweet Insulated Stainless-Steel Stemless Wine Cups. I have used one of them every day since the day they arrived.

I sip water from one all day long as I work. I drink wine out of one at picnics and when I go to the beach. They have become indispensable.

They are so necessary now that I almost forgot that I haven’t always had one, that there was a life before this was on my desk, in my hand.

I once used a Kleen Kanteen Tumbler for this purpose and I didn’t expect ever to stop using it. But I rarely pick it up anymore.

The stemless wine glass shape feels better in my hand. It has become my go to.

It keeps my ice cold, doesn’t leave condensation marks on my furniture, and looks good if I find myself suddenly in a video conference.

So many people have asked me where I got them that I will probably gift one to most of the women on my gift list.

They come in dozens of colors, have a lid, and cost less than $20. How can that go wrong as a gift?

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