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Have Fun Watching People Build Stuff

Before I got married, I shared a house with my BFF Annette. She is a builder — maker, tinkerer, creator, artist. She has an art degree so she calls this obsession sculpture. But it is clear to all of us who know her that creating things is part of her DNA. It was a blast — and an inspiration — to live with her. I would come home from my crazy busy job as a magazine editor and find her covered in plaster, up to her elbows in a smelly scum she later transformed into gorgeous paper, or wearing a welder’s mask while waving a lit blowtorch and talking excitedly about her latest metal project. She has never ceased to amaze me. (Feel free to check out her online portfolio.)

Lifelike hands — motion triggered to spring to life as you passed them (above) — appeared on our walls. Sculptures sprouted in the garden. Etruscan frescoes (always with some hilarious joke embedded in them) graced walls. She even made her own wedding rings. She’d get an idea and tackle metal, rock, paint, electricity, or whatever it took to see it take physical form.

Annette fueled her projects with Peet’s Coffee and strong espresso but I think a lot of people with this impulse in their DNA drink Red Bull. Or at least I’m assuming that’s why Red Bull is sponsoring Creation 2012.  Red Bull asked me to help them spread the word about this event. And since I know from experience that there is nothing quite like watching these “Creators” at work, I’m happy to.

Here is a video (below) that explains the event. It’s a speed building contest! And it promises to be wild.  Enjoy the show!

Red Bull Creation 2012 from joe cookie on Vimeo.

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