Your Future Car Was Inspired by Fish

Very rarely do two of my favorite topics — the ocean and technology — come together to create something I can (someday, if I live long enough) drive. Yet it seems automotive engineers take inspiration from the ocean, too.

I got a note from one of the folks at Nissan who helped me put together my Family Circle story “Your Future Car.” It instantly got my attention. “With an eye towards a collision-free future,” It read. “Nissan turned its gaze underwater to study the migration efficiency of schools of fish. Fish move in schools, in streams, and avoid obstacles. Nissan developed zero emission robot car concepts (EPOROs) programmed with fish behavior-inspired algorithms to move in harmony and solitude. These tiny robots have helped inspire Nissan innovations like intelligent brake assist and forward collision warning.”

The EPOROs are adorable, too. I’m sure you’ll enjoy imagining a future where our roads exude the sort of adorable calm they bring to locomotion. Check them out in this video:

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