Say Goodbye to Google Reader

This is very sad. Or so I’m told. I’m not a Google Reader user. And I guess I won’t be starting now.

I was sad when Google killed off Google Health. And I worry about what this means for other Google products I use. But life is full of change, right?


2 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to Google Reader

  1. There are lots of other ways to get my feed! Thank you for caring! You could get my email newsletter. All my recent posts will come to your email on Tuesday. Or use one of the other feed readers (LifeHacker rounded up five good ones here: If you use an iPad, iPhone, or Android phone or tablet, I would add Flipboard to that list. You can find info and a link to the app at

  2. Any suggestions as to a great substitute for Google Reader? It’s the main way I keep up on your blog, and I wouldn’t want to miss out! Thanks for all you do.

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