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Welcome to my shiny new blog. I am currently writing a book–a primer, really–for women about technology. It will be available in the summer of 2007 from No Starch Press. Sure my book will serve as a introduction, guide, teacher on basic matters having to do with current technology but it’s also a place for my girlfreinds and I to share how we use the stuff, what we like, what we hate, and how we get it all to work together. We may be geeks but we are women first.

If you are a women, tired of listening to a lot of male blather and acronyms designed to muddle your grasp of technology, I hope you will read my book. If you are a nice geek and there is a woman in your life who calls you with all her technical questions–or who needs a little encouragement in this regard–I hope you will buy my book and give it to her.

After I finish writing this book, I’ll use this blog to update, share new stuff, and stay in touch.

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