Geek Girl Bling

I don’t personally own an iPod but I know I’m in the minority there. Still, I don’t even normally covet one because I love my Napster To Go account where I can download as much music as my heart desires for a flat-fee of $14.99 a month. Apple won’t allow Napster To Go on their iPods so I frown. Even though I don’t own any of the Naptster To Go music I listen to and I’m aware that the minute I stop paying for it, it will be gone I don’t care. I love the freedom. I can listen to a new release–or an old one I have a sudden yearning for–with no thought to the cost. (Hey, if I love it so much I have to own it, I can always buy it.)

But I like bling as much as the next girl. And these ChicBuds earbuds are adorable. But more to the point, the cords retract into that cute little holder turning one of the big aggravations of portable music players into functional jewelry. They come in great colors. I want. And I’m apparently not alone. According to a survey done by (an online magazine for women about dating, marriage, family, and career) found that 90% of their readers own an iPod. And–women being women–a lot of them want to accessorize their accessory. Fortunately for me (and anyone else who clings to some music player other than an iPod) these will work with any player that has a standard headphone port.