I just spent a wonderful week in Stockholm. I went for #WindowsonLocation and stayed a couple of extra nights to tour the city. I never check a bag since a lost-baggage debacle a few years ago turned a trip from simply hectic to total, frumpy madness. So I carefully consider every item I put into my carry-on bag. At the last packing minute, I threw this SurgePlus USB swivel charger in, thinking, I’ll only have to bring one adapter.

It was genius. One power adapter got me two gadget chargers and three outlets. I used it constantly to safely charge my tablets, phone and laptop. But it also make my curling iron possible. It’s going into my always-bring-on-a-trip bag.


2 thoughts on “Traveling? Bring one of these.”

  1. Oh, sure. I just used it in Stockholm. But your teen also needs to bring adapters for the countries he/she is traveling to. You can probably buy a kit that covers all the European countries. (That’s what I bring.) Then you plug the correct adapter into the wall (it’s pretty obvious oyur US plugs won’t work; the outlooks look totally different) and plug the battery’s charger into the power adapter. Same for all the gadgets you bring. Did you see this post? http://geekgirlfriends.com/?p=2555. That thing was very handy in Europe. I needed only one power adapter and I got three US-style plugs and two USB plugs for charging gadgets. Buy your teen both of those and he’ll be covered — and so impressed with you! What a great way for a teen to spend the summer.

  2. Will this gadget work in Europe. When I went to look at prices on Amazon, some of the reviews said they wouldn’t work outside of the United States. I have a teen traveling to France and Spain next summer and I thought this would work great!

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