An Essential Travel Plug

This one item puts three outlets and two USB ports in your bag. Pack it!

I never check a bag since a lost-baggage debacle a few years ago turned a trip from simply hectic to total, frumpy madness. So I carefully consider every item I put into my carry-on bag. On a trip to Stockholm, years ago, I threw this SurgePlus USB swivel charger ($35) into my bag at the last minute, thinking, I’ll only have to bring one adapter.

It was genius. One power adapter got me two gadget chargers and three outlets. I used it constantly to safely charge my tablets, phone, and laptop. It also made my curling iron possible. I still use it on every trip and it was an incredible investment.


2 thoughts on “An Essential Travel Plug

  1. Oh, sure. I just used it in Stockholm. But your teen also needs to bring adapters for the countries he/she is traveling to. You can probably buy a kit that covers all the European countries. (That’s what I bring.) Then you plug the correct adapter into the wall (it’s pretty obvious oyur US plugs won’t work; the outlooks look totally different) and plug the battery’s charger into the power adapter. Same for all the gadgets you bring. Did you see this post? That thing was very handy in Europe. I needed only one power adapter and I got three US-style plugs and two USB plugs for charging gadgets. Buy your teen both of those and he’ll be covered — and so impressed with you! What a great way for a teen to spend the summer.

  2. Will this gadget work in Europe. When I went to look at prices on Amazon, some of the reviews said they wouldn’t work outside of the United States. I have a teen traveling to France and Spain next summer and I thought this would work great!

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