Deal: This Ergonomic Keyboard is $20 Off Right Now

This is the keyboard I love and it’s 32% off, right now. Time to upgrade!

$54.99 at Amazon

My RSI-plagued hands love this keyboard, which gives me just enough angle so my wrists aren’t working all day, cramped and bent. It also helps me stay on the keys and type mistake-free by separating the QUERTY keyboard down the center. It’s wireless, has a great wrist rest, and I have written hundreds of thousands of words on the last one I bought. I love the separate number keypad, which I move around my desk like a calculator. I have bought this keyboard many times and am probably about to buy it again. Because a deal is a deal!

I only review products I have tried and like enough to recommend to a friend. If you buy something by clicking one of my links, I might make a little money.

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