Ten Seconds to a Lower Price

This has been one crazy, busy week. And now it’s Friday and I just want to put my overtaxed brain on ice. But I have been neglecting my GGFs here all week so, before I do that, I want to share a quick Frugal Friday tip: Promotionalcodes.com.

Whenever you are shopping online and ready to pay at the checkout, hit this Web site first to see if there is a promotional code that can save you a bit of money.

Like this: Yesterday, I needed some supplies at Office Depot. I quickly did my shopping and headed for the check out. (Office Depot delivers to my office the next day for free. How cool is that?) Right there where I was filling out my shipping and billing information there is a space for discount or promotional codes. I know Office Depot sent me a 10 percent off coupon a while ago but I had no idea where it was. I didn’t have time to track it down but, fortunately, there is no need. I simply opened another browser window, went to Promotionalcodes.com, and searched for Office Depot. It had a slew of them. I picked the one that suited the purchase I was making and paid ten percent less than I would have if I hadn’t spent ten seconds on that. Promotionalcodes.com has codes for lots of online merchants. It doesn’t have codes for every place I shop but it has enough that it’s worth a quick stop before I hit buy every time.

Now for that ice.

4 thoughts on “Ten Seconds to a Lower Price

  1. Thank you!! I have been coveting a great suit from Chadwicks for a couple of months but couldn’t quite justify the $80 price. Next week I have an interview for a big project I really want so I decided to spring for the suit. I was delighted to see it had been reduced to $60 but, thanks to you, I took a couple of extra seconds and was able to get my $80 suit for $30!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful & extremely useful Blog!

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