Take a Moment to Chill Right In the Middle of Your Work Day

This is a reminder to take care of you. Don’t go AWOL. Take a Moment.

I know what it’s like juggling the demands of several clients who want to feel like my only client just like my kids, spouse, pet, and friends do. I want to take time for everyone but where is my “me time?” That sometimes gets short shrift.

When Moment asked if I would like to try this new beverage that claims, through botanicals, superfoods, and adaptogens, to deliver the equivalent of a short meditation to my brain, I said “Yes, please!” They asked in a frantic moment when mainlining meditation was exactly what I needed to do. I was super skeptical though. I meditate, when I can find the time, and it is a powerful antidote to stress and the rabbit-brain lack of focus that comes from juggling too many demands. But I did not believe a drink could do that.

The stuff is yummy, though, which is hard for me to find in a packaged drink because I don’t drink anything with sugar in it. So, I loved having something easy and refreshing in the fridge that was more interesting than water but not sweet. Each flavor — tulsi lemon, rooibos blood orange, and hibiscus dragon fruit — has it’s own particular charm and I failed to develop a favorite. All the flavors are interesting, complex, and mild and created from herbs, fruits, and other natural ingredients. It’s the L-theanine and ashwagandha that fuels your brain by increasing alpha brainwaves.

Now that I’ve developed a Moment habit, though, I do believe it helps with focus and calm. I tend to hit green tea in the afternoons, instead of coffee, because it helps me through my afternoon slump without jacking me up. But Moment helped me sail through the afternoon without slumping and I found myself not just enjoying a tasty Moment but also it’s after effects of calm and focus.

You can get it on Amazon ($35 for a 12-pack.) But, if you love the stuff, head over to the company site and subscribe. It’s $29 for a 12-pack, if you sign up for automatic delivery. (You choose how often it shows up.) A subscription also comes with rewards, like VIP access to new flavors and surprise gifts. The company claims that drinking it regularly unlocks extra health benefits, too.

I only review products I have tried and that I like enough to recommend to a friend. If you buy something by clicking one of my links, I might make a little money.

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