Going to the Office Is So Over. Here Are Five Remote Jobs

Not ready for the office? Here are five interesting jobs you can do from home

As the economy gears back up, the news is full of reports that people don’t want to go back to the office. In fact, one in four people is considering quitting their job, mostly because they want work that’s more flexible. One study found that the emerging workforce considers flexibility a “right” and won’t consider any job that isn’t flexible.

So if you are faced with an imminent return to your office, and you are dreading it, know that you have options. Having a schedule that meets your family’s demands and that lets you be there for your kids, teens, or pets is totally reasonable. And many companies spent the last year learning this and are rising to the occasion and creating work that works for people who have lives outside of work.

Flexjobs always has jobs that fit this description. But here are five that are fun and that you might never have thought of.

Stylist for Amazon

Are you the person everyone calls during a fashion crisis? That’s a career, now, apparently. And Amazon is hiring for this role because who doesn’t need help deciding what clothes to buy there? This remote, part-time job will have you offering fashion advice to shoppers and curating outfits.

TikTok Content Creator

Are you killings it on TikTok? Did you know that people will pay you to do that? In this part-time, remote job, you will develop content to grow TikTok audiences for a brand, respond and engage in real-time to posts, and make sure the content follows the brand’s identity.

Home Stylist

Is your home so Pinterest ready that you can’t leave it to go back to your interior designer or home furnishings job? This remote job will let you work online through the company’s platform to create designs for clients and source furnishings and dĂ©cor from retail, trade, and wholesale vendors.

Graphic Designer

Not ready to go back to your agency job? Go remote. These remote graphic design jobs will have you designing app storefronts and banners for global campaigns while you work as part of a remote team.

Curriculum Developer

It’s been a rough year for teachers. But, on the plus side, you have remote teaching experience now and that’s probably something you can turn into a remote job like these, developing curriculum for online course work.

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