Deal: A Lighted Mechanical Keyboard for Your Phone or Computer

Work faster with less hand pain by typing on this cute, compact, wireless external monitor.

If your main machine is a laptop and you work for more than an hour at a stretch, you are probably experiencing hand and neck pain. This sort of repetitive strain injury—caused, in this case, because the screen and keyboard are too close together for the human body—is much easier to prevent than to cure. So you should make accommodations at the first sign of stress or pain. It’s not complicated. Just put the laptop on a riser of some kind and type on an external keyboard.

If you want to have fun with the external keyboard, this lighted, Bluetooth 5.0, mechanical keyboard is on sale at Amazon right now for $60. It will connect to your laptop or phone. If you want to eliminate the tiny lag caused by wireless to gaming, there’s a switch to turn it to a wired keyboard (USB-C.)

If you want to do your workstation right, I’ve dropped in an explainer below from Alan Hedge who is the original researcher on computer-related ergonomics from Cornell.


Except when I see tempting deals, like this one, I only review products I have tried and that I like enough to recommend to a friend. I have not tried this product but I do know my way around technology and am tempted by this. If you buy something by clicking one of my links, I might make a little money.

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