Site for Sore Eyes

Yes, it has finally come to this. I held out as long as I could against the need for reading glasses. After bragging for so many years about my 20/20 vision, it was humiliating to admit that I could no longer hold the menu far enough away to read it and that I had to get my kids to read labels for me. I kept it a dark secret for a long time. But then, someone said something to me that changed my mind.

“You could look at this as an opportunity to buy yourself some super-cute reading glasses,” one of my girlfriends suggested. “It’s not shoes. But it’s still an accessory.”

She was so right! I love sunglasses. And I have occasionally felt pangs of jealousy for my sister who wears glasses and so gets to buy herself cute facial accessories on a regular basis. So I started shopping. The stuff in the drugstore was not for me. My ophthalmologist wrote me a prescription so I could go to LensCrafters but to fill that would cost me upwards of $200. That’s a lot of cabbage so my inner bargain hunter kicked in. I could see from the scrip that was pretty simple: +1.50. So I searched the Internet, browsed, shopped, and discovered a site I love: I have ordered several pairs from here. (They have men’s glasses, too.) The selection is outstanding. The customer service is friendly and quick. And the shipping is free both ways so you can order a few to try on and send the rest back.