Price Haggling at Online Stores

I stumbled onto this purse at that I like while I was looking for something else. I don’t really need this bag. But it is awfully sweet. I sure would like to have it. And if it wasn’t so expensive, I might buy it. Since is a Web merchant, though, I can’t exactly haggle with the shop girl. (Not that I do that.) But I’m in no hurry to own it. I can wait for it to go on sale. The problem with that strategy is that I’ll forget to check if it went on sale. And then six months from now, I’ll realize my current purse is falling apart and I do need it. And, of course, by then it will be gone.


This site keeps track of information, goods, prices, and all sorts of stuff for you on the Internet. It’s a bit like a Google Alert but it can get very specific – right down to the price of a particular item at any of the merchants that work with Trackle. For example, instead of paying full price for this bag, I asked Trackle to tell me when the price of the bag drops to something I want to pay. Trackle will keep an eye on it and send me an email when the price tag comes within striking distance.

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  1. Christina,

    Thanks for the nice writeup. The bag is really nice – hope the price hits your target price soon! This feature can be quite useful during this recession and as we move more towards online shopping. There are some other cool shopping features like tracking store specials, Amazon deals, daily deals, and coupons. You can also track product reviews and product recalls. Visit for details.

    Another cool feature we are offering to bloggers is trackle widgets ( The widgets display the latest content to the visitors and also enable the visitors to personalize and access content without leaving the blog site.


    Chandra Srivastava
    VP Marketing,

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