Paying for College

My kids are only just beginning to brush up against the teen years but I’m already worried about how we are going to pay for college. I recently spoke to Grant Baldwin, the author of, a site full of financial advice for students and Reality Check, a book about money – and life – for college students. We talked about paying for college and he had all sorts of tricks for getting a great education cheap. He was also full of sage advice for helping kids learn to manage money so they don’t leak too much of it when they are in school. If you have older teens or college students, you need to send them to his Web site. But if you, like me, are worrying about the high price of a college education and how to pay for it in this economy, you should check out his new eBook How to Go to College for FREE. He is giving away for free at because, he says, “We figured since we want to teach you to go to college for FREE, you shouldn’t have to pay for the e-book either…so it’s FREE!”

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  1. Thanks for the mention Christina! Hope you are able to use the e-book for some of your upcoming work!

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