Fun Gear I Want at CES

I have only a few minutes free in the craziness here at CES. I’ve been here two days. And I’ve spent much of that in the same outfit because my airline lost my luggage. They did finally find it but not till this morning as I was checking out of my hotel. But now I’m showered and my clothes are clean. I have both a table to sit at and a few spare minutes. So here are some quick highlights.

Intel announced a new family of processors, which is geeky but big news if you are considering a new computer. Explaining processors gets nerdy fast but this new family is what you want in any new computer you buy. The graphics processing is built into the chip, which makes it possible for computer makers to build you a small, fast, highly graphical machine. So expect better gaming, fabulous-looking movies, and machines that are smaller, prettier, and faster to start hitting store shelves in the next few months. The (tiny) physical size of this new processor – and the lack of need for another component to handle graphics — frees computer designers up to do all sorts of things with the hardware. Look also for sweet new smart TVs and set-top boxes for your TV that sport these processors, bringing computing and the Web to your big screen. Fun!

As rumored there are a ton of tablets here. I saw three – in a range of sizes with attractive prices for each – from Acer/Gateway. Intel had a table of various form factor tablets from a range of manufacturers in its booth. And I got more invites to view tablets than I could physically attend. I fell rather suddenly and completely in love with one from Samsung that had a slide-out keyboard and a flip up screen. But there are so many here that I have lost count. I want one. But which one? I don’t know yet. But, when it comes to shopping for gadgets 2011 is going to be a fun year.

What else? Tell the teen to hold off on buying new gaming gear until he checks out the 3D gaming computer. These still require that the player wear 3D glasses – and rumor suggests next year’s models may not – but this is lose-your-cookies realistic fun.

Okay, got a meeting. So I have to run. More later.