Five Places to Shop for a Bargain


Even though I am on a tear to get rid of stuff and clutter, Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that makes me feel compelled to do a gift guide. I do love getting gifts on Mother’s Day — especially the hand-drawn, cooked, or planted variety. And if you saw my recent Family Circle column on wish lists, then you know how easy I am to shop for. But, here’s a secret:  One reason I love using wish lists is it assures me that my husband and kids (not bargain shoppers) didn’t pay too much. I know everyone is looking for a bargain these days – even people who can’t be bothered. (My historically-determined-to-pay-top-dollar-if-that’s-the-fastest-way-14-year-old son proved this recently by stretching his clothing allowance of $40 to cover an impressive quantity of summer duds.) So here’s my Mother’s Day gift guide: Five ways to find a bargain. There are tons more. But here are five.

1.       The Brand Matters?

Every time I need something — sunglasses, shoes, a new skirt, kid’s clothes – and care what brand it is, I hit I don’t always find what I want in this clearing house from the folks at But when I do, I pay a fraction of retail. Outrageously overpriced shoes in the Sundance Catalog? Must-have Oakleys? If I wait a bit, they will be a fraction of retail here. Sign up for the daily emails to get the biggest discounts.


2.       Coupons

I love bags. I love bargains. So I look for coupons to get free shipping and discounts as my favorite online bag retailer, eBags. Here is one: Extra 20% Off + Free Shipping on Orders over $75 at!

3.       Need it Fast

Zappos is amazing at getting things to customers at dizzying speed. I’ve ordered in the evening and found my new shoes on the porch the very next day. I’m busy. So that’s much better than going to the store. The site is not known for having the best prices though. Still if you catch a sale and factor in the free shipping both ways, it is often a bargain when you need something fast. And when it comes to gifts, nothing is better than getting a nearly-instant online E-Gift certificates



4.       Home Repairs

My house was built long ago. It’s pretty (some of it). But sometimes things just drop off without warning. When the faucet fails or a light fixture leaps off the wall, I don’t always have the time or money to go on a search for the perfect replacement. Fortunately, a few minutes at is usually all it takes. Just yesterday, I ordered a new shower head while I was in a phone meeting. (Freelancing is awesome!)

5.       Gotta Have Bling?

I’m normally too much of a cheapskate for fine jewelry. I prefer hand-crafted goods from Etsy anyway. But once in a while a girl has to have a pair of diamond studs. Then I go to because I hate to pay too much. Here’s a discount code:


3 thoughts on “Five Places to Shop for a Bargain

  1. Thanks for the great tips. Have you tried It is a great websight that gives you cashback and posts many of the discounts given by stores on there sight. It is nice to get a check in the mail every three months…kinds of a nice suprise…especially after holiday shopping, to get a surprise in the mail in March.

  2. I’ve always found Kohl’s to have great bargains for on sale items… and, normally, they’re not just a few items… but large selections. Also, you can usually dig up a 10% coupon online to add to the discount. Thank you, M

  3. Thanks for the ideas! I’ve never heard of I’m going to go check it out!!!

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