Deal! Make any shoe comfortable

Every pair of shoes seemed to be destroying my Achilles tendon. Then I did this.

Earlier this year, I climbed a mountain. I shopped for months in advance for the right shoes to wear. I floated hundreds of dollars ordering, trying on, and returning hiking shoes and boots. I explored everything from minimal, barefoot trainers to super supportive boots. I was willing to pay over $200 for anything that was comfortable. Nothing worked.

I have very high arches and a damaged Achilles tendon. The only shoes, at the time, that were comfortable enough to get through a four-mile training hike was a cheap pair of athleisure shoes that claimed to be great for “to and from Yoga.” When the day came, those were still the only shoes I owned that didn’t hurt. So that’s what I wore on a two-day hike to the top of the Smoky Mountains. And you know what? My ankle improved with every step. In fact, it improved so much that by the time I got back down the mountain, my ankle no longer bothered me.

The trick?

I put a pair of these amazing insoles in them. The shoes were trashed when I got back from the Smoky Mountain trip. But the insoles were still good to go. So I put them in my every day fashion sneakers. I wear them every day.

I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Get some.

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