Live from Malmo, Sweden

I have been neglecting this blog this week but I have a good excuse. I’m in Malmo, Sweden with my husband touring what turns out to be a hotbed of technical innovation. But the Internet in my hotel doesn’t work very reliably. Thus: No blog posts from me. I love this town. I’ve been walking its cobblestone streets today – and dodging the cyclists – to get an inside look at some cutting edge tech companies that call this city home.

I started the day at the offices of Illusion Labs. These guys build cool games for the iPhone and Android phones. Check out Sway or Touchgrind. These games are slick, addictive fun. And the company operates out of beautiful, modern offices inside one of the oldest buildings in the city’s center.

Next we chatted with Charlotta Falvin, the CEO at TAT The Astonishing Tribe. This is a bigger company in another terrific building. And the second place today that offered us caviar from a tube. Charlotta tells me that TAT’s user interfaces for mobile phones live in 10 percent of all phones worldwide.

After a great lunch, we visited with MyJoice, which makes an easy-to-use video phone for the elderly that lives in the TV. It is being used here in Sweden by home health care agencies and consumers to easily put eyes on and offer company to elders who want to continue to live at home. There is no product yet for the US market but I’ll let you know when there is.

And last, we met with Pouria, founder of This site lets you live stream video from you cell phone and interact with your viewers via chat. Super cool. I’ll cover it in more detail later. But this is a great way to share an event with someone who can’t actually make it to the event. Three seconds after it happens, your friends can see it from their Web browser or phone and all you have to do – after you install the app to your phone — is point your phone’s camera at it. Check out the link on Pouria’s name to see our meeting.

I have to run to dinner. But we have another day of fascinating meetings tomorrow. (I will return to my regularly scheduled programming next week.) I might even take some photos of this beautiful city across the water from Copenhagen. So stay tuned.


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