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How Sweet is This Geek?

My husband occasionally buys me flowers. (If he really screwed up and is begging to get out of the dog house.) And he often buys me jewelry. (If I point something out and say, “Wow! I really like that!”) But check out the gift this guy is building for his wife.

His wife wants to work at home. It’s a dream of hers to control her destiny, not commute, and still make money. So JMichael built a blog so he could research—and document that research for her—how to build an at-home business that his wife will love. So far, he has narrowed the universe down to a travel business because he’s pretty sure she’ll dig that.

His idea isn’t just sweet for his wife, though, it’s sweet for anyone who doesn’t have a husband willing to do this for her. Because he is starting from scratch—the way we all do when we decide to work at home—and documenting what he learns along the way so there is lots to learn from his efforts at the BizLaunchBlog

He’s got a great explanation up right now of why and how he uses Twitter, which is something I’ve been meaning to cover here, too. (That’s how I found his blog.) I know there are a lot of you who want an at-home business. (To stay near the kids or simply because it rocks.) So check out what JMichael is up to. And tell him if you think it’s sweet that he’s forgoing the chocolate and flowers for something life-changing and empowering. He needs the encouragement. The task he is taking on is a lot harder than running to the store to get a bouquet.

I asked him how it was going and he sounded a little weary. “Well, Christina, it is going :)  I am still trying to find the best business model and business type that I believe will ‘fit’ my wife.  It is a lot more challenging than I originally thought.  In fact I am going to be writing a post soon on why it is so challenging….”

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