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A Sick Day Top 10

I’m under the weather today and barely getting out of bed. Here’s my list of the top 10 things to do with a laptop and a sick day:

    1. Log on to and catch up on the Jon Stewart Show.
    2. Watch movie trailers and plan what I might want to do someday when I feel better.

  1. Use the symptom checker at WebMD to confirm diagnosis and feel sorry for self.
  2. Send Skype messages to my husband or other family members elsewhere in the house asking for water and sympathy.
  3. Order replacements for all the medicines I had to throw out when I discovered they were three years old at
  4. Order better lounging-about-the-house clothes at the Bare Necessities Black Friday sale.
  5. Check the Watch Now section at Netflix for movies I can watch immediately.
  6. Play Mahjong Titans.
  7. Read yet another chapter of the endless Harry Potter book my daughter loves with her. This involves me reading seven pages for every one she reads.