Go to Lunch!

Two weeks ago, I mentioned I was going out to dinner – without blowing my budget – using gift certificates from Restaurant.com. I know it’s a little early to bring that up again but the site is having a 70 percent off sale so I am. My husband and I went to lunch together yesterday for about $5. And we are taking both kids to dinner at our favorite Brazilian place for maybe $13. Just log onto the site, find a nearby restaurant you like, buy yourself a gift certificate, and take it with you when you go eat. Oh, you have to use this offer code at checkout from Restaurant.com: RECIPE.

Here are the details from Restaurant.com:

Save 70% off Dinner of the Month Club purchase and receive $10 certificate when you use code RECIPE. Now thru 6/30/09 at Restaurant.com.


In other news, I have a fantastic giveaway coming up next week so stay tuned. (Sign up for my feed if you haven’t already.) This is a great giveaway. Killer. Seriously, you want to win this. Heck, I want to win it. So don’t miss it.

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  1. Thanks so much for the heads up. This sounds great!

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