Gifts for a Geeky Guy

My man is a geek. So when the guys at Drivesavers – a company staffed with the sort of geek you usually only see called in on detective shows to find the clue stashed in a destroyed hard drive (because data recovery on damaged computers is their specialty) – sent me a list of gadgets they’d like to get for Valentine’s Day, I was intrigued.

My face turned a shade of Valentine’s Day red though when I realized my own wish list pretty much matched theirs- except for the stuff I already own. Well, I want Champagne and chocolate, too – I’m still a girl – and I have some much sexier cases picked out for my own gadgetry because I believe in the power of accessorizing. But, otherwise, this is spot on.

So here is an endorsed-by-geek-guy’s gift list. (Look for my picks for gadgets cases coming up soon.)

The Cool iPad

Unsure of what new Apple gadget to go with? We suggest the iPad Mini. With a 7.9-inch display, the iPad mini presents users with all of the exciting features of a standard size iPad, but is smaller and easily stored away in a bag, suitcase or even pocket! Plus, the price won’t break the old wallet.

The Perfect Accessory

And what’s an iPad without the cool accessories! That’s why we recommend the Targus Truss iPad Case. This cool case opens like a book and transforms into a stand for your geek’s hands-free pleasure. No arm cramps with this cool feature.

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The “It” Game


Your nerdy gamer will rejoice if you gift Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Xbox 360. In case you haven’t already received an earful from your man, this game is one of the most highly-anticipated video games of the year. This game propels geeks all over the world into global conflict in a new Cold War and, big bonus, it’s available in 3D!

A Backup Plan

A backup plan service, like CrashPlan, with on and offsite backup starting at just $4.99/month, is the perfect gift for your geek. After all, what says “I Love You” more than a year-long subscription for data backup? You can thank us later!

Streaming Video

Roku + Netflix = Instant Movies on your TV

There are million ways to get streaming TV networks straight to your TV, including Hulu Plus and Netflix. But the latest and best is Supporting more than 600 Internet TV channels, the Roku box allows loved ones to create their own “private” channels for their own viewing pleasures. Now that’s personalization at its best!

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  1. You suggest an iPad mini, but the accessory you suggest with it (the “Targus Truss iPad Case”) isn’t even compatible with the iPad mini, lol

    Also, is CrashPlan the best offsite backup plan out there? I’ve been looking for one, but I don’t know what’s good.

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