Geek Pride Day

Today is, apparently, Geek Pride Day. And as a present, the folks at the IT staffing company Modis, sent me the results of a survey they did on how geeks are faring socially these days. It seems ratings are high for we geekier members of society. Though only 17 percent of those surveyed actually consider themselves a geek, 71 percent view geeks as successful. (Yeah! That’s right!) Eight out of ten would be pleased if someone called them a geek and three out of five women consider this label a compliment. Many believe the term describes someone who is extremely intelligent (45%), can be relied on for technology advice (56%), and is a first adopter of technology (45%).

Well, hey! That does make me feel proud. You?

But what is a geek? Is there a certification process? The Modis folks provided a graph illuminating public perception of same:


(Hey! Socially awkward? Back off you 50%!)

Lately I’ve been in a few social situations where I’ve been reticent about pulling out a tablet PC and speaking in acronyms. Well, no more. I’m going to go dig up the geekyfantastic t-shirt Intel gave me a few years ago and wear it to my daughter’s end-of-school-year party. That way she can see for herself just how cool her mom is. (I wonder, from the way she is backing away from me though, if there were any middle-school kids in the survey sample.)

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3 thoughts on “Geek Pride Day

  1. Excellent to know what a geek is now. Really loved this article, very funny.
    Next year I’ll join.

  2. Well, damn. We finally have our own day and I missed it! Well, let your geek flag fly, Kids! I am more of a geek/nerd/wonk – a triple threat, as The Hubby says. I am putting the date on my calendar for next year, and we will be a-celebratin’! Thanks for the great geek stats and the new holiday to remember…great post.

  3. I wonder why the other two women who don’t think being called a geek is a compliment. To me, it’s totally a comment. Not that I would actually call myself such.

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