Tell Your Story to Moo

I get all my business cards from In fact, I love it when I run out of cards so I can go make some more. The cards, that you can add your own photos, and the process of designing them all combine to make it a fun way to tell your own story on a bit of paper that’s easy to share.

If you have a story to tell, maybe you should share it in the second annual 2013 MOO Awards. The awards honor MOO’s unique, inspiring and remarkable small business customers. Last year, MOO received more than 1,700 entries, and the winners included ColaLife, a non-profit that leverages Coca-Cola®’s distribution network to get simple medicines to the most remote areas in developing countries.

Submissions are open until the 13th October and the winners will be announced on the 14th November.  You can apply here:

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