Powering the Homework Table


I love homework season. I know homework has it fans and opponents. And I’m not choosing sides there from an education point of view. I just love it that my two teens have to sit down in the homework room I set up for them and do productive(ish) work. Sure, I almost always wish the homework was more meaningful. But I like the tableau of those two young minds pouring over books and computer screens with a task at hand.

While they work. I tend the homework room. I provide technical support. I stock the supply cabinet. Sometimes I provide snacks. It’s pleasant.

So I was super excited (yes I am a giant nerd) to get this Accell Poweramid Power Center — USB Charging Station ($35) in for review. I set it down in the middle of the big table that once served someone as a dining room table in our ex-dining room now homework room. Yes. It’s a big honking power strip. Yes. I put it in the middle of the table. Everyone plugs their gear — phones, tablets, laptops — into it. There are no cords on the floor (except the one leading to the wall from the Poweramid) and I no longer listen to the whine of “I can’t find a charger!” from either teen.

Someday — or so I’m told — I will own a table that charges whatever tech I set on it through inductive charging. Until then, this thing gets a seat in the middle of the table.

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